Corporate information

Corporate information

Company nameEach DreaM Inc.
Head office addressJapan, Goura42 Shimamura, Ichinomiya, Aichi 491-0121
TEL: +81-586-82-5301
FAX: +81-586-82-5302
Kumano FactoryJapan, 5101-3, Aza Matsubara, Arima-cho, Kumano-shi, Mie 519-4325
TEL: +81-597-80-0543
RepresentativesRepresentative Chairman of the Board, Hamamura Hideo
Representative CEO, Nakano Shougo
Date of EstablishmentOctober 25, 2019
Capital50 million yen
Number of Employees8
Business Area・Developing, manufacturing, and distributing non-combustible materials
・Development investment
・Technology development
・Export and import sales
Developed productsNon-combustible FRP
Non-combustible insulation
・Non-combustible paint
・Fire protection liquid
Natural stone sheets
・Noncombustible siding
・Noncombustible partitions
・Noncombustible roofing materials
Import SalesBasalt Fiber(Basalt cloth, chopped strand mat, surface mat, needled mat, mesh material, grid material, rod material, insulation board, fireproof insulation panel, chopped strand, yarn, roving, rope, etc.)
PatentCurrently patent pending both in Japan and internationally!
ISO・Non-combustible next-generation FRP (Both ISO 5660 and ISO 1182 accredited)
・Non-combustible insulation (Both ISO 5660 and ISO 1182 accredited)
・Natural stone sheet and natural stone board (ISO 5660 accredited)
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Main Clients
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Kowa Company, Limited.  Marubeni Arch-LOG Co., Ltd.

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Each DreaM Inc. Office
Each DreaM Inc. Office


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Each DreamM Inc. Kumano Factory Front
Each DreamM Inc. Kumano Factory Front
Each DreamM Inc. Kumano Factory Signboard
Each DreamM Inc. Kumano Factory Signboard


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