Creating the future with the never before seen non-combustible FRP

Currently patent pending in both Japan and internationally.

First ever ISO 5660 and ISO 1182 test approved!

World’s first! Completely non-combustible natural stone sheets.[Non-combustible wallpaper]

World’s first! Completely non-combustible natural stone sheets.[Non-combustible wallpaper]

Non-combustible house.

Non-combustible house.

Non-combustible insulation to be sprayed.

Insulation that can be made noncombustible simply by spraying.

Electricity is available even in case of fire.

Electricity is available even in case of fire.

Completely incombustible siding.

Completely incombustible siding.

While it is difficult to pass one ISO 1182 test, both our next-generation FRP and heat insulation have passed, proving to be the world’s only “non-combustible FRP and heat insulation.” We are the only company that holds ISO 1182 accredited  FRP and heat insulation. You can view their ability in the above video.


01 /World’s first actual non-combustibles

  • Video of experimenting with the world’s first non-combustible FRP (not burning at all even when 0.8 mm (ca. 0.031 in.) thin. Burner temperature is 1200 ℃(2192 °F).
  • Our FRPs are continually evolving. The video shows that it will not burn even when thinned to a mere 0.8 mm (ca. 0.031 in.) layer. The burner temperature is 1200 ℃ (2192 °F), but it can withstand a fire of 1500 ℃ (2732 °F). As it does not burn, it does not emit poisonous gas. FRP that is effective even when 0.8 mm thin is a landmark discovery and has countless uses.
    For example, it is possible to build a low-cost inflammable house by using this FRP from scratch. 80 % of small vessels are made up of FRP, meaning we could potentially create a home that can withstand tsunami and float in water.

    【Attention!】Strictly speaking, our FRP (next-generation FRP) are fiber-reinforced ceramic (FRC). But since they could be used in the same manner and have the same properties, we call them next-generation FRP for convenience.

02 /Overwhelmingly low heat conductivity.

  • The material is not burning even against radical fire. The ice inside the box is still frozen, as heat conductivity is nearly zero.
  • In the video, we put ice in a box made with non-combustible FRP and insulation. The package was then doused with kerosene and set on fire for 18 minutes, recreating arson circumstances. For some extra challenge, we stuck flammable material on the surface.
    Despite being subjected to radical flames, not only is it not burning at all, but the ice remains frozen as well. By combining next-generation FRP and insulation, we could bring heat conduction to nearly zero against flames lasting approx. 20 minutes.
    When used as home insulation, it can improve heating/cooling efficiency and save energy. This insulation is also eco-friendly and waste-free as it can be made from natural waste materials.
    By applying our non-combustible FRP to houses and roads, we could save many lives from fire hazards.

03 /Easy to modify

  • You can modify FRP into various materials.
  • FRP is used in many places such as roofs, boulders in theme parks, and aircraft interiors. FRP is necessary for anything that needs to be lightweight. As our next-generation FRP is non-combustible, it offers protection against fire and fire hazards, a feature that the pre-existing FRP does not have.
    FRP is easily poured into a mold of any size and shape and could recreate realistic colors such as old bricks. It is entirely up to the user what it will turnout. Houses with FRP on their outer walls will not spread fire and could contain damage to a minimum.

04 /Pulverize and recycle at a low cost.

  • The next-generation FRP is pulverized into a 1 mm powder and baked.
    Can be reused as a base material for another next-generation FRP.
  • Our next-generation FRP is easy to pulverize and can be reused as cement material, foundation dirt, or material for next-generation FRP. It is non-poisonous. The picture on the left shows the baked next-generation FRP pulverized into 1 mm (ca. 0.039 in.) powder.
    Concrete is one non-combustible material. However, once it gets hot, it becomes dry and brittle. Adding our FRP into the mixture would prevent cracks and reinforce its strength. We can still see separation from the cement material but have received news from the cement company that an improved product is nearly complete.

Performance comparison between a “general top quality non-combustible FRP” and our “next-generation FRP”.

  • A well-known company’s top-quality non-combustible FRP

    【ISO 5660 accredited non-combustible FRP (product)】
    The FRP in this video is the product of a well-known company’s top-quality non-combustible FRP. It is used in vehicles such as cars, trains, aircraft, boats, and building materials in theme parks.
    Typically, FRPs that pass the ISO 5660 test are considered non-combustible. However, they consist of phenol resin or fine glass fiber to make them difficult to burn. They’re derived from petroleum and basically burn, emitting oil and poisonous gas.

  • The world’s first actual non-combustible FRP

    【Our ISO 1182 accredited actual non-combustible FRP】
    We have developed the world’s first-ever, truly non-combustible FRP. Our product will not burn even with coarse glass fiber nor emit poisonous gas. This next-generation FRP would prevent lives lost in fires or smoke.
    Good to paint, useful to build, and easy to shape. We are confident that our product would become indispensable in the future.

Difference between “generic non-combustible FRP” and “our company’s FRP”.

  • Generic non-combustible FRP

    FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) is derived from petroleum and will basically burn. There is a test called the ISO 5660, which materials used in trains must clear. FRP difficult enough to burn passes this test and then is defined as “non-combustible FRP”. Meaning, non-combustible FRP materials that are currently in use aren’t actually non-combustible.

  • Our actual non-combustible FRP

    ISO 1182 defines actual non-combustibility, and no other FRP in the world has ever passed this test, except for our next-generation FRP (tentative name). It could bear a linear fire of 1500 ℃ (2732 °F) but was truly a challenge to overcome a 1000 ℃ (1832 °F) radical fire.

  • “I want to contribute to the development of this industry. Non-combustion will protect human lives and property.”

    Hamamura Hideo, Chairman of the Board

    My devotion to fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) spans for 40 years. I initially started from ordering FRP molded components to selling FRP related materials, then becoming manager of the manufacturing factory. Everything would not have been possible without the many help from the manufacturers, trading companies, and FRP related product developers and manufacturers.
    To show my utmost gratitude, if I may be presumptuous, I have been continuously searching for a way to help contribute to this industry’s development.
    The answer I came up with is to create a non-combustible FRP somehow.
    While it is still under development, with the help and wisdom from industrial researchers, I will step up to create a product that will not burn, protect people’s lives and properties, and is economically efficient. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to working with you.

  • “I want to protect as many lives as possible from tragic accidents and fire hazards.”

    Nakano Shougo, CEO

    In my 25 years of working, this is the first-ever product that I felt it is morally just for sale.
    It all started when an acquaintance of mine introduced me to an ex-developer who experimented with non-combustible materials. I was astonished to see a cardboard box withstand a 1000 ℃ (1832 °F) burner just by painting this material, and I invested. However, not one yen was used for development, and they broke the promise.
    Our current developer Mr. Hamamura, leading the FRP industries, was an advisor to the ex-developer. He was the one who spoke to me and perfected the quality and performance of the current product. Meeting him made my hope to protect people’s lives stronger.
    What especially shook me was the arson and murder in Kyoto Animation on 2019 July 18. When the incident was reported, I was sure lives would have been saved if this technology for non-combustible material were already out.
    With our technology, not only could we minimalize the damage done by fire and arson, but stop large scale forest fires, apply to any vehicle parts that need to bear high temperatures, and protect many people from the heat.
    I hope to deliver this product to the world as fast as possible and prevent the many lives that could be lost in tragic accidents and fire.

Non-combustible product line up (passed the ISO 1182 test along with the next-generation FRP and heat insulation)

  • FRP

    Apart from the pre-existing non-combustible FRP, it is the world’s first FRP that will withstand a 1500 ℃ (2732 °F) fire. Strictly speaking, it is a fiber-reinforced ceramic (FRC). But as they could be used in the same manner and have the same properties, we call them next-generation FRP for convenience. It is the first FRP that is ISO 1182 accredited.

  • Heat insulation

    This heat insulation is also non-combustible, along with the FRP. It can be manufactured by using natural waste material. By covering this insulation with the next-generation FRP, it will provide the ultimate insulation effect. Also ISO 1182 accredited. We offer spray-on or board type non-combustible heat insulation.

  • Coating material

    Varnish on foundations for building materials to prevent house and building fires. Non-combustible coatings come in two colors, beige and black. You can paint color over the layers.

  • Fire proofing liquid

    It is a transparent and colorless liquid. By spraying this on, it could ultimately make things non-flammable. It can be used to extinguish a fire as well. It is safe for the skin and can easily wash off with water.

No sales would be lost even if every FRP in the world were replaced with ours.

  • Housing material

    Housing material

    Housing material

  • House interior

    House interior

    House interior

  • Car interior

    Car interior

    Car interior

  • Aircraft interior

    Aircraft interior

    Aircraft interior

  • Interior and exterior of trains

    Interior and exterior of trains

    Interior and exterior of trains

  • Luxury cruise ship interior

    Luxury cruise ship interior

    Luxury cruise ship interior

  • 3D modeling

    3D modeling

    3D modeling

  • For hazard search robots

    For hazard search robots

    For hazard search robots

  • Images of fireproof fireman uniforms

    Images of fireproof fireman uniforms

    Images of fireproof fireman uniforms

  • Fire extinguishers

    Fire extinguishers

    Fire extinguishers

  • AI firefighter robots under development in Fire-Defense College

    AI firefighter robots under development in Fire-Defense College

    AI firefighter robots under development in Fire-Defense College

  • Rockets and spaceships (JAXA, NASA)

    Rockets and spaceships (JAXA, NASA)

    Rockets and spaceships (JAXA, NASA)



World’s first! We have developed a completely incombustible natural rock sheet. It is extremely thin, approximately 1 mm thick.

We have succeeded in developing the world’s first completely non-combustible natural rock sheet. It is extremely thin, approximately 1 mm thick.

Natural rock sheet is an interior decoration material made from thinly peeled sheets of real natural rock. The stone itself does not burn, but the disadvantage was that it burns because resin is used as a base to reinforce its strength.

Although it is a popular wall material sold around the world, it cannot be used in areas where more fire protection is required because it cannot be certified as a noncombustible material, and there have been strong calls for a completely noncombustible natural rock sheet.

We believe that we will dominate the world market because we are the only company that can produce completely incombustible natural rock sheets.

With natural rock sheets made by EDM, you can easily create a luxurious space at a low cost.

By replacing the thick stone materials you have been using with our natural rock sheets, you can greatly reduce the cost of stone materials and transportation, and create a luxurious space at a low cost. Our natural rock sheets are completely noncombustible, so they can be used safely in hotels and other places where fire resistance is required.
*The images below are for illustrative purposes only.

Image of non-combustible natural stone sheet installation Part 1
Image of non-combustible natural stone sheet installation Part 2
Image of non-combustible natural stone sheet installation Part 3


Prototype of non-combustible partition (theme park quality) produced with next-generation FRP.

Non-combustible partition made of non-combustible FRP (next-generation FRP)
Prototype of a non-combustible partition made of our next-generation FRP

We have installed a prototype of a non-combustible partition in our office, which was manufactured using our company’s next-generation non-combustible FRP.
Ordinary flat partitions are not interesting, so we tried to make a prototype of a non-combustible partition with uneven surfaces and full of playfulness, using the three-dimensional modeling technology of theme parks. Our non-combustible partitions do not burn at all. Designs can be tailored to your wishes, and any shape can be made to look realistic with theme park quality.

In the October 2020 fire at the Asahi Kasei Electronics semiconductor manufacturing plant in Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture, a fire broke out in the clean room’s spray-type acid/alkali cleaning system (SF6-3), a device used to remove unreacted titanium, and spread to flame-resistant partitions installed near the heat source, causing widespread damage. If the clean room had been treated with our noncombustible materials and our noncombustible partitions had been used, the damage could have been minimized.

We would be happy to hear from any company that would like to cooperate in the promotion of our noncombustible materials or create new noncombustible building materials or products using our noncombustible materials in order to reduce the number of such major fires.


Scheduling a demonstraion on Saturday, January 23 in Mie prefecture.

We are scheduling a demonstrarion at a certain place in Mie on Satuday, January 23.

Time and place: 2021, Saturday, January 23, 1PM-4PM
Place: Unnamed location in Mie
※If weather is cloudy we will continue. In case of rain it will be cancelled.

If there are any companies that would like to see the demonstration for the world’s first actual non-combustible materials up close, please contact us.

Although Each DreaM Co. is a Japanese company, we have a staff fluent in English. If you’d like to make an inquiry such as business and interviews, feel free to contact us.

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