Heat insulation

About non-combustible heat insulation (non-combustible insulation board)

不燃断熱材 BOTH
A 20 L can of insulation (product name: BOTH-Cas) Kyowa Inc. version
※As we have a distributor for our product, the package contains logos of each distributing company.

Each DreaM Inc. developed non-combustible heat insulation is made from reused natural material. It is eco-friendly and can ultimately bear 1500 ℃ flames. As it will not burn, it is poison gas-free. This non-combustion heat insulation was developed along with the non-combustible FRP for our purse for more superior insulation. Our non-combustible heat insulation board is made by mixing natural waste material discarded by farmers with water-soluble ceramic.

Insulation, such as urethane foam generally used in building materials, shrink to its pre-expanded state at 50 ℃ (122 °F). However, our non-combustible heat insulation will withstand 1500 ℃ (2192 °F) fire without burning, emitting gas, or deforming. It is also known to provide excellent soundproofing as well.

General non-combustible heat insulations that cleared the ISO 5660 are just coated with ceramics, glass wool, or coating material to make them difficult to burn. But our non-combustible heat insulation is non-combustible in itself and, as seen in the video, upholds as one of the highest quality in the world.


20-minute combustion test of the world’s strongest class of fire-resistant thermal insulation board.

20-minute combustion test of the world’s strongest class of fire-resistant thermal insulation board. (February 2021)

This is a combustion experiment movie of a material processed into a board of our developed noncombustible heat insulating material.
Even after burning for 20 minutes, the material does not burn at all and shows no change in shape.

The only heat insulation material in the world that has passed the ISO-1182 noncombustibility test is our noncombustible heat insulation material. We believe you can confirm the performance of our world-class fire-resistant insulation board.

A simple video showing the ability of the world’s first non-combustible heat insulation

Video verifying that it is possible to build a fire-resistant house in preparation for a major earthquake (April 2021)

The video on the left shows how our non-combustible heat insulation works.
In the video, we put ice in a box made with non-combustible heat insulation and next-generation FRP. The package was then doused with kerosene and set on fire, but the ice remains frozen. By combining next-generation FRP and this insulation, we could bring heat conduction to nearly zero against flames lasting approx. 20 minutes.

If we layered this non-combustible heat insulation with the next-generation FRP (tentative name), heat-insulating would dramatically improve, considerably widening its applicability.

Demonstration video showing the overwhelming performance of non-combustible heat insulating materials.

Experiments to secure power in case of fire (November 2021)

Experiments on non-flammable roofs (October 2021)

Video verifying the reinforcement of rebar and its use in oil complexes (April 2021)

Video verifying that ship fires can be prevented (March 2021)

Promotional Video for Each DreaM Inc (October 2020)

Demonstration video conducted in Akiruno City, Tokyo (October 2020)

Development of the revolutionary spray-on non-combustible heat insulation complete!

Our heat insulation not only comes in board types but also in spray-on. They can be used with air compressors, just like spray paint.

Just spray this material on concrete or wood to create quality heat insulation and shorten construction hours.

The video on the left shows us coating the insulation on urethane foam and testing it against a 1200 ℃ (2192 °F) burner. We had not let it completely dry, so the top layer’s heated section had expanded. However, the bottom layer is in excellent condition.

Passed the ISO 1182, the world-class quality standard for non-combustible material in heat insulations

Fireproof material test report for the non-combustible heat insulation (non-combustible material)
Fireproof material test report for the non-combustible heat insulation (non-combustible material)
Temperature transition of the non-combustible heat insulation
Temperature transition of the non-combustible heat insulation

The ISO 1182 test on the non-combustible material was held on August 6, 2020, and provided excellent results. We have made the report available to the public.

It did not burn in a 750 ℃ (1382 °F) furnace, kept its shape, and had retained 86 % of its weight after the combustion. If you look at the measured temperature curve, it shows an unprecedented temperature transition, just like the next-generation FRP, it has cleared with overwhelming results.

There are no reports of heat insulation that has accredited the ISO 1182 ever, even internationally. This material, along with the next-generation FRP, is a splendid achievement.

【A rough details of the non-combustion test】
A 44 mmΦ x 50 mm cylindrical test body was placed in a 750 ℃(1382 °F) furnace and measured for 30 minutes. During that time, if the furnace’s rising inner temperature is under 20 ℃ (68 °F), and the test body’s decreased weight is under 30 %, it is considered cleared.

【Non-combustion test evaluation point】
1.Does not burn under 750 ℃ (1382 °F) for 30 minutes.
2.70 % or more of the test body’s weight is left.
3.The furnace’s rising inner temperature (ΔT), calculated from the difference of the furnace’s average inner final temperatures, is under 20 ℃ (68 °F).

Certificate of analysis: 第20-1720号 No. 20-1720 issue
Test name: non-combustion test (fire prevention, fireproof performance test)
Test date: August 6, 2020
Test body: Non-combustible heat insulation (non-combustible heat insulation board)

In the above video, we have recreated most of the ISO 1182 test environment to verify the product results ourselves.

For the next-generation FRP, we were able to video the test directly at the facility. However, this was not possible for the non-combustible heat insulation. We have provided the verifying clip as above for proof that it genuinely did not burn in a 750 ℃ (1382 °F) furnace.

We hope that the video confirms the product did not burn under 750 ℃ (1382 °F) for 30 minutes, that it retained 85 % of its weight, its shape unchanged, and that it is a perfectly non-combustible heat insulation material.

Heat insulation material passes the non-combustion ISO 5660 test for railways

Heat insulation in ISO 5660/ Exothermic Test Reports
Heat insulation in ISO 5660/ Exothermic Test Reports

The General Building Research Corporation Of Japan conducted the ISO 5660 test for our non-combustible heat insulation on August 11, 2020. It has passed with overwhelming results, just like the next-generation FRP (tentative name).

Other general non-combustible heat insulations have barely cleared the passing mark of the gross heating value of 8 MJ/㎡.

On the other hand, our heat insulation’s gross heating value is a mere 0.2 MJ/㎡, with the maximum heat generation rate of 1.88 kW/㎡, which on the graph is nearly zero. Along with its excellent results, there are no signs of ignition or deformation and is keeping good condition.

【Details of exothermic testing】
Exothermic testing of “ISO 5660” is as below.
The test body is exposed to an external ignitor and radiant heat (10~100 kW/㎡ range) under an air environment. It is then ignited and burned. Oxygen concentration in the exhausted combustion gas and the flow rate of the exhaust gas is then measured. The heat generation rate is determined by the oxygen-consuming method.

【Exothermic testing evaluation point】
1.The gross heating value is under 8 MJ/㎡ after 20 minutes of heating.
2.No fatal cracks or holes for fire protection both inside and out after 20 minutes of heating.
3.Heat generation rate is under 200 kW/㎡ for 10 continuous seconds or more.

Test number: III C-20-0069
Test name: Exothermic test (cone calorimeter test)
Test date: August 11, 2020
Test body: Non-combustible heat insulation (non-combustible heat insulation board)

Non-combustible heat insulation Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Noncombustible Insulation Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
Noncombustible Insulation Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

[Hazard Information]
・Harmful when swallowed.
・Severe chemical burn on skin and damage to the eye.

[Safety Precautions]
・Wear protective gloves/ gears/ glass/ face shield.
・Do not inhale dust or mist.
・Do not eat, drink, or smoke while using this product.
・Wash hands thoroughly after use.

[First Aid]
・If in eyes: Rinse carefully in clean water for a few minutes. Remove contact lenses if present and continue rinsing eyes. If irritation persists, call a doctor.
・If on skin: Rinse immediately with running water or shower.
・If on clothes: Immediately take off all contaminated clothing and remove product. Wash clothing if reusing.
・If swallowed: Rinse mouth. Do not force vomiting. Consult a doctor if feeling nauseous.
・If inhaled: Move person to a fresh air environment and rest in an easy to breathe position.

・Make sure the container is sealed and kept in a ventilated area.

※The product label contains our distributing company’s and our company’s name. Image is the version of Kyowa Inc.

Components of the non-combustible heat insulation

Details coming soon!

Nature and characteristics of the non-combustible heat insulation

Details such as tensile strength, tensile elasticity, density, coming soon!

Sales of our non-combustible heat insulation

Our company does not directly sell the non-combustible heat insulation, but they are available through our distributing agencies. Once we are ready, we will provide information about the distributors according to the individual industries.