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World’s first! We have developed a completely incombustible natural rock sheet. It is extremely thin, approximately 1 mm thick.

We have succeeded in developing the world’s first completely non-combustible natural rock sheet. It is extremely thin, approximately 1 mm thick.

Natural rock sheet is an interior decoration material made from thinly peeled sheets of real natural rock. The stone itself does not burn, but the disadvantage was that it burns because resin is used as a base to reinforce its strength.

Although it is a popular wall material sold around the world, it cannot be used in areas where more fire protection is required because it cannot be certified as a noncombustible material, and there have been strong calls for a completely noncombustible natural rock sheet.

We believe that we will dominate the world market because we are the only company that can produce completely incombustible natural rock sheets.

With natural rock sheets made by EDM, you can easily create a luxurious space at a low cost.

By replacing the thick stone materials you have been using with our natural rock sheets, you can greatly reduce the cost of stone materials and transportation, and create a luxurious space at a low cost. Our natural rock sheets are completely noncombustible, so they can be used safely in hotels and other places where fire resistance is required.
*The images below are for illustrative purposes only.

Image of non-combustible natural stone sheet installation Part 1
Image of non-combustible natural stone sheet installation Part 2
Image of non-combustible natural stone sheet installation Part 3


Prototype of non-combustible partition (theme park quality) produced with next-generation FRP.

Non-combustible partition made of non-combustible FRP (next-generation FRP)
Prototype of a non-combustible partition made of our next-generation FRP

We have installed a prototype of a non-combustible partition in our office, which was manufactured using our company’s next-generation non-combustible FRP.
Ordinary flat partitions are not interesting, so we tried to make a prototype of a non-combustible partition with uneven surfaces and full of playfulness, using the three-dimensional modeling technology of theme parks. Our non-combustible partitions do not burn at all. Designs can be tailored to your wishes, and any shape can be made to look realistic with theme park quality.

In the October 2020 fire at the Asahi Kasei Electronics semiconductor manufacturing plant in Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture, a fire broke out in the clean room’s spray-type acid/alkali cleaning system (SF6-3), a device used to remove unreacted titanium, and spread to flame-resistant partitions installed near the heat source, causing widespread damage. If the clean room had been treated with our noncombustible materials and our noncombustible partitions had been used, the damage could have been minimized.

We would be happy to hear from any company that would like to cooperate in the promotion of our noncombustible materials or create new noncombustible building materials or products using our noncombustible materials in order to reduce the number of such major fires.


Scheduling a demonstraion on Saturday, January 23 in Mie prefecture.

We are scheduling a demonstrarion at a certain place in Mie on Satuday, January 23.

Time and place: 2021, Saturday, January 23, 1PM-4PM
Place: Unnamed location in Mie
※If weather is cloudy we will continue. In case of rain it will be cancelled.

If there are any companies that would like to see the demonstration for the world’s first actual non-combustible materials up close, please contact us.

Although Each DreaM Co. is a Japanese company, we have a staff fluent in English. If you’d like to make an inquiry such as business and interviews, feel free to contact us.